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November 26, 1943


Baltimore Hebrew Congregation

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The dramatic flight of 5,000 Jews from Denmark to Sweden has stimulated numerous inquiries in this country regarding the Joint Distribution Committee’s participation in plans for the care of these refuges.

Dr. Joseph Schwartz, JDC;s European Chairman, courtesy JDC

Shortly after the arrival of these refugees in Sweden, the Mosaiska Forsamlingen of Stockholm, the central Jewish Welfare Agency through which J.D.C has for several years been assisting refugees in Sweden, cabled JDC requesting an emergency grant for the immediate needs of the Danish immigrants which was promptly transmitted.

Simultaneously, the following cabled assurance was given the Mosaiska Forsamlingen by JDC: “No doubt you understand that in this emergency you can count on fullest assistance within our means.” Dr. Joseph Schwartz, JDC’s European Chairman, was advised to proceed as quickly as possible from Lisbon to Stockholm to make first hand study of the needs of the situation.

Dr. Schwartz cabled on October 18th that he had received his Swedish visa, was in constant touch with Stockholm and was prepared to leave for Sweden as soon as transportation was available. The plight of the refugees has been further eased by the generous hospitality of the Swedish government which has just announced that it will grant them work permits.

Dr. J. Schwartz, JDC - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Milton Koch

Present indications are that mass relief will probably not be required in Sweden, but that assistance will have to be given on the basis of individual needs and special problems, particularly in the case of ”stateless” Jews. We are awaiting word from Dr. Schwartz of the extent for which JDC participation will be required, over and above the guarantee of the Danish Minister.

Courtesy JDC

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